Unlock Everything In Resident Evil 2 By Paying $5 For DLC

All In-game Rewards Unlock DLC Released


Resident Evil 2 new DLC will help you to unlock almost everything along with some extra features. The All In-game Rewards Unlock DLC is available through Steam for $5. It immediately unlocks a list of content that requires a bit of grinding. This includes Extra “The 4th Survivor”, Extra “The Tofu Survivor”, -Costume, Bonus Weapon, Model and Concept Art.

The DLC is also available on PS4 and Microsoft Store, below is the full list of content you get after purchasing it.

  • The 4th Survivor Game Mode
  • The Tofu Survivor Game Mode
  • Unbreakable Combat Knife
  • Samurai Edge with Infinite Ammo
  • LE-5 Submachine Gun with Infinite Ammo
  • ATM-4 Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo
  • Minigun with Infinite Ammo
  • Additional Resident Evil 2 Costumes
  • Models & Concept Art

So if you are bored in getting everything and looking for a shortcut to get the rewards without sweating then $5 won’t be that costly to shed on the DLC. Resident Evil was released in January 2019, it is a remake of RE2 1998, players control police officer Leon S Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, as they are trying to get out of the Racoon City destroyed by a Zombie apocalypse.

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