Resident Evil 2 Remake All Weapons Locations

Struggling to get weapons, read our Resident Evil 2 Remake Weapon guide to find all weapons and puzzle solutions required to unlock them. In this guide, you will find locations of weapons like GM 79 Grenade Launcher, W-870 Shotgun Location, JMB HP3 Pistol, MQ 11 SMG, Spark Sport, Mini Gun, Anti-Tank Rocket, Chemical Flamethrower, and Lightning Hawk Magnum.

Resident Evil Remake 2 All Weapon Locations Guide

There are pistols, shotguns, SMG, flamethrowers in Resident Evil 2 Remake, some of these weapons require you to solve a puzzle. Keep reading I got everything covered.

1). GM 79 Grenade Launcher & W-870 Shotgun Location

Go to the Art Room on the 2nd Floor to collect Weapon Unlocker Keycards. It is kept on a small table with a green lamp right in front of a statue. On the first floor go to Safety Deposit room there is one Locker in the end. If you playa s Leone you will get Shotgun and as Claire, you will unlock Grenade Launcher.

2). JMB HP3 Pistol – Claire

On the 1st Floor in the garage walk to the east corner and you will find two doors. One has stairs and other on its right. Take the right door just behind the red car, walk inside and take the first door on your left. Look for a yellow storage box on the table, open it to get a car key. Return back to the garage and to the left corner towards two parked police car, use the car key to unlock the trunk.

3). Lightning Hawk Magnum – Leon

On the 2nd floor main hall near the library collect the red book from the table with two green lamps. Find the dining table and look at the corner there is a table with two chairs and two lamps on it. Take the Red Book and to the Art Room, find Statue’s Left Arm, it is kept on the right of a king’s statue who is missing the arm. Collect the arm and place the book on it, then place it on the statue, it will release the scepter with ruby on it. Examine the scepter, rotate it and you will find a button just below the ruby press it to release the red jewel.

Go to the 11st-floor observation room, the press room is on the right. In the press room look for the door with green club icon on it, you will need the key to open it. Inside the room there is a jewel box on a table, place the rub on it to get S.T.A.R.S. Badge. Go to Armory on the second floor, it is on the west end, open your inventory and examine the badge, turn it around and press below to unveil a USB Drive. Connect the pen drive to the cpu case, and then interact with the pc screen to unlock the armory gates.

4). MQ 11 SMG – Claire

If you are playing as Claire, then follow the same above process of getting the badge first and reveal the USB. Then place it on the pc to unlock the armory gate to collect the SMG.

5). Chemical Flamethrower – Leon

Go to Supplies Storage Room in the lower sewer, and collect an Electronic Part. It is used to lock unlock the door. There are two stairs in the storage room, take the one on the right as you enter. Go down turn left and the part is located on the gate on your left side. Look for a green light. Once you pulled out the component it will lock the door, walk straight and turn left for another get. Use the part to unlock the gate, there will be a Queen Plug sticker on the lock. This will open a new door, your weapon is placed in the room on the left corner but it is locked, so take the stairs on your right and collect the Electronic part from the lock on your right. Return and unlock the room to get the Flamethrower.

6). Spark Sport – Claire

Repeat the same process for Claire to get Spark Sport in the Supplies Storage Room. You have to do the same thing collect the Electronic Part to unlock doors.

7). Anti-Tank Rocket – Leon

The weapon will be available during the final boss fight when as Leon you are dealing with the Unmissable, the weapon is on the ground in a green box.

8). Mini Gun – Claire

During the final boss fight, you can collect this gun from a room by placing the joint plugs. The weapon will be available automatically in the same room.

Some of these weapons are tough to locate due to the puzzle, the above paragraphs will help you to understand what to really do to unlock them.

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