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WoW Dragonflight: How To Reset Talents

Here's how you can Reset Talents in WoW Dragonflight.

In the new WoW Dragonflight expansion, the Talent system is completely overhauled. There are tons of new exciting features for you to explore in the primordial land of the Dragon Isles. With the introduction of Talent Trees, you can shape your character’s abilities according to your playstyle. You can also unlearn a talent and use the talent point elsewhere. In this article, we will tell you how to reset Talents in WoW Dragonflight.

How to Reset Talents in WoW Dragonflight

Dragonflight Talent Trees

In this game, you have two talent trees instead of one giving you a wider set of options for your build. One tree focuses on Class abilities, shared between every spec in the class. They have more Utility options. The other one is the Specialization tree where you can choose abilities according to your character role. Due to this, you might want to unlearn some Talents to get the points back. Luckily you can do it for free anywhere in Dragonflight Phase 2. To Reset Talents in Dragonflight, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your Talent Trees
  • Right-click on a Talent to unlearn it
  • If you want to reset the whole tree, right-click on the topmost ability in a column. That will reset all the abilities below it
  • If you want to create a completely new build, click on the “Reset All Talents” button.
  • You can do it outside Rested Areas as well. But not in PvP matches, Active Combat, and Mythic+ Dungeons

As you gain points at every level, you can spend them alternating between the two trees. Also, you cannot rush to the bottom of the skill trees by spending points in a single column. The trees are divided into three sections and you have to spend a certain amount of points to move further. To get past the fourth row, you have to spend 8 points. Similarly, to get past the seventh row, you have to spend 20 points. With this, WoW gives us a lot of room to create new builds. You can also save and load your builds, which is another useful feature added to the game.

That’s all from us on how to Reset Talents in WoW Dragonflight. Check out more helpful WoW guides on GamerTweak.