How To Reset Skills In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild hunt lets you respec/reset skill points which means you could readjust your skill points to exactly what category you wish and have better stats. This guide will show you how to respec in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In every RPG game, you get a bunch of skill points that you can build the stats of your character with, but more often than not you will probably make a mistake and this kind of derails the joy from the perfect build that you could have.

How To Reset Skills In The Witcher 3

Wither 3 takes things a bit different than Witcher 2, you do not have an NPC anymore who could simply reset your skills. In the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt there is an incredibly rare magic potion.

There are only a few instances where you can buy it so it is advised that you purchase the potion the first opportunity you get.

Once you consume this potion your skills will reset and then you can respec your character as however, you like, it is just as simple as that but it is easier said than done and you will have to find specific traders to get the potion.

Farming Potion of Clearance

The first vendor you will come across to get the Potion of Clearance is Keira Metz. As soon as you finish the Magic Lamp quest another one will start as soon as you finish the previous one. This one is called “An Invitation From Keira Metz”.

You will have to go to Keira’s hut located in the north-east of Midcopse and trade with her. This will set you to bet about 1000 Crowns but it is great to have it.

The second vendor will be in Novigrad, there is a plaza in the north-eastern part of Hierarch Square. As soon as you get there visit the building on the west side.

You will find a merchant there and you can find the Potion of Clearance for 1000 Crowns, but before you purchase the potion you will have to talk to the merchant about certain artifacts first. This is needed for the potions or you won’t be able to purchase the potion.

The third and final merchant is located in Skellige Isles. You will find two merchants beside each other near the Gedyneith signpost in eastern Ard Skellig.

The alchemist in the west cave of the signpost can be approached immediately while the other merchant will have you complete the Practicum in Advanced Alchemy quest beforehand.

You will be able to purchase the Potion of Clearance for 1000 Crowns and this is all there is to know about how to reset skills in Wither 3: Wild Hunt. Check our other Witcher 3 Cheats, mods and guides only on Gamer Tweak.