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Elden Ring: How To Reset Angry NPCs & Remove Sins

Attacked an NPC who was just trying to talk and wasn't trying to fight? Here's how to reset angry or aggro NPCs in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is an open-world game packed with menacing foes, but NPCs on the other hand may or may not be hostile. Until you attack them and they become aggro. Due to this, you might get locked out of a quest where they were supposed to help you out. So, how to reset angry NPCs in Elden Ring so that you can continue your journey without having to kill them?

How to Reset Angry NPCs in Elden Ring


what to do after attacking npc

Be it for fun or because they called you maidenless, you might have swung your weapon on a calm NPC, making them angry and ready for a fight. Don’t worry, follow this process to calm them down.

  • Go to the Church of Vows which is located in Liurnia of the Lakes (eastern region). Here’s the location marked on the map. You can use the Teleporter in the Academy of Raya Lucaria to reach the Church of Vows instantly.


church of vows elden ring location map

  • Once you reach the church, look for a Giant Turtle priest. He’s Miriel, Paster of Vows who can tell you a lot about the game’s story.
  • Near this character will be a statue, placed on a few stairs.
  • Interact with this statue and press the button prompt to Atone.
  • The game will ask if you want to use Celestial Dew to receive absolution? Select Yes.
  • What this will do is basically absolve your sins which also includes forgiveness for attacking NPCs for no reason.
  • Once you see the “Your sins are absolved” message, hit OK and go back to the NPC you aggro-ed. They should no longer be angry now and you can talk to them. If you do hit them again, you have to follow the same process mentioned here.

This is basically how to reset angry NPCs in Elden Ring. Here’s a video by ConCon that explains the process. Check it out!


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