Rescue Team DX – How To Unlock Friend Bow Guide

Increase your chance of Recruiting Pokemons

A friend bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX will increase your chances of recruiting more Pokemons in your team. Fighting with other teams is a common objective in the game, so having some extra number of Pokemons on your side will always help. In this Rescue Team DX guide, you will get info on how to find Friend Bow in the game. What it does and why it is important to find?

How to unlock Friend Bow?

Friend Bow increases your chance of recruiting a Pokemon by 10%. To unlock this item you will have to play the story and travel to Mt. Faraway. There is a massive dungeon here of about 60 floors, Friend Bow is located on the 30th floor. Do not leave the dungeon without collecting it, and also take care that you do not faint while carrying it. If you then you will lose this item forever.

The best thing you can do is grab the Friend Bow and leave the dungeon. You can return, this removes the risk of fainting, and losing the item. You will have to make your way through the Dungeon on the Mt.Faraway until you are on the 30th floor.

Friend Bow is also located inside Joyous Tower. You can buy it from the Kecleon shop for 5000 Poke chips. The problem with the Kecleon shop is that it randomly spawns in different locations. So you will have to look for the shop on every floor in Joyous Tower. To avoid losing Friend Bow do not forget to exit the Dungeon as soon as you get your hands on it.

Friend Bow official description: When this item is equipped, Pokemon you battle will be more likely to join you. It’s also said that Shiny Pokemon will want to join you, too. It’s only effective when the leader equips it, though.

So this how you can find Friend Bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, also scan through our guide section to check out the latest tips and tricks on the game.