Rescue Team DX – How to Find and Recruit Legendaries

All Legendary Pokemons Locations

Are you looking for the location of Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX? Here is a detailed guide that can help you to find every Legendary Pokemon in the game. Also, find how you can recruit them to make your team stronger. Legendaries are rare and tough to catch Pokemons in the game. With the help of this Rescue Team DX Legendary Pokemon guide, you can know where exactly to search for them and what things are necessary to recruit. So let’s begin.

Rescue Team DX Legendary Pokemons Locations

Below are location details of around 22 Legendary Pokemons in Rescue Team DX, to make things easy starting from the best ones on top. Just visit the location and you will be able to find them. If you want to know how to recruit them first, then check the second heading below.

1. Zapdos Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Zapdos is located in Mt. Thunder. This pokemon is weak against Group-Type attacks. So when you encounter this Zapdos Legendary Pokemon in Rescue Team DX use the Ground-Type attacks to recruit it.

2. Moltres Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Moltres is located in Mt. Blaze. This pokemon is weak against Water-Type attacks. So when you encounter this Moltres Legendary Pokemon in Rescue Team DX use the Water-Type attacks to recruit it.

3. Articuno Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Articuno is located in Mt. Freeze. This pokemon is weak against Fire-Type attacks. So when you encounter this Articuno Legendary Pokemon in Rescue Team DX use the Fire-Type attacks to recruit it.

4. Groundon Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Groundon is located in Magma Cavern. It is right to say you are dealing with a boss pokemon. A very strong one, be ready with enough healing items. Keep some Revive All Orbs with you to stay in the fight. Or else you will loose instantly.

5. Rayquaza Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Raquaza is located in Sky Tower. This Legendary Pokemon uses Hyper Beam to cause max damage, you can use Dodge All Orb to avoid this damage. Do expect this to be easy.

6. Kyogre Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Khogre is located in Stormy Sea. This pokemon is weak against Electric-Type & Gross-Type attacks. So when you encounter this Legendary Pokemon in Rescue Team DX you have choices to use two different types of attacks.

7. Regirock, Regice and Registeel Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Fight with these three pokemon is interlinked when you Defeat Kyogre you will get the location of a Buried Relic. On Floor 15 you will face Regirock, next is Regice on floor 25 and finally Registeel on floor 35. All these pokemon owns Clear Body effect which means their attack, defense, special attack, special defense, accuracy, and evasiveness will not be lowered.

8. Latios and Latias Legendary Pokemon Location: 

To fight Latios you will have to first defeat Kyogre and complete the Buried Relic Dungeon. Next, you will have to play Kecleon Shop Robbyer Quest, during this you will face Latios. Fight it and you will have to go to Pitfall Valley to save Latias. After completing all the objectives both the Pokemons will be in your team.

9. Entei Legendary Pokemon Location: 

Entei is located in the Fiery Field. But this is locked and to unlock it you will have to give Sprinda a Clear Wing. Only after that Fiery Field is unlocked and you can fight Entei. Finish Buried Relic and Great Canyon Dungeons and then go to Pokemon Square. Find Spinda and continue with unlocking Fiery Field.

Stay tuned for more updates, this guide will be updated with more Rescue Team DX Legendary Pokemon Locations