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How To Find & Rescue A Mooncalf In Hogwarts Legacy

Here's where to find a Mooncalf in the game.

During “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players will be asked by Deek to rescue a Mooncalf. While rescuing the previous beasts (Puffskein and Jobberknoll) will be very easy, some might get stuck while trying to find this elusive creature. For many players, this beast won’t be present even where the game marks its location. If the Mooncalves aren’t spawning for you, here’s what you need to do to catch it.

How to Rescue a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy

where to find mooncalf hogwarts legacy

If you can’t find a Mooncalf in the game, chances are that you are searching for it during day time. As Deek mentions during the quest, you have to visit the area marked in purple on the minimap during nighttime only. Even at night, you may have to wait for a bit until these cute creatures/beasts spawn and walk around. You can go and complete your other objectives and keep an eye on the day-night cycle while you are at it. As soon as it’s night, head back to the location marked on the map via a broom and you will see Mooncalves hanging out in a group.

mooncalves not spawning

Once they appear, the next steps are similar to catching other beasts. Make sure the Nab-sack is assigned to a spell slot and use that button to capture the creature. If you want to make the process easier, use Levioso to make them float and then catch them.

If you’d like to see a visual guide, we’ve got you covered:

That’s pretty much what you need to do to rescue a Mooncalf in Hogwarts Legacy. If you get stuck at any other point, you can head over to our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki hub where we’ve covered tips, tricks, error fixes and more guides. For example, here’s where to find Merlin Trials and how to complete them.