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Grounded: How To Repair Weapons + Bonus Tips

Imagine not worrying about your weapon breaking. Learn how to repair your deadly weapons.

Grounded is a survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment with a unique twist. The game throws you into a backyard of a house. Doesn’t sound so dangerous? What if you were ant-sized instead? Changes the whole perspective, doesn’t it? You will come across your various day-to-day bugs in this game, the only difference is they will be as big as you or even bigger. To fight them and survive, you will need weapons and tools. These weapons might need tuning from time to time. In this article, we will teach you how to Repair Weapons in Grounded.


How to Repair Weapons in Grounded?

Repair Weapons
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The first thing you will need to repair your weapon is Quartzite. Make sure you have mined a lot of Quartzite so you don’t have to go and mine it again. You can mine it with a level 1 Hammer. You can find it in abundance in the Anthill to the northwest of the first field station. It can also be found near the small cave where you investigated the weakening of the laser while attempting to repair the Mysterious Object. Once you have the Quartzite, go to your inventory and right-click on the weapon you want to repair. You can click on the “Repair” prompt and it will show you the material you need to repair the said weapon.
For Example, you can repair the Pebblet Spear with a single Pebblet.
As the level of your weapon increases, so does the rarity and the number of materials required increases. The amount of Quartzite required increases as well. So you should be careful with the weapons you choose to repair in Grounded.

Tips to Mend Weapons

  • The amount of Quartzite required to repair a weapon does not depend on its durability meter. Try and use the weapon as long as you can and you will save some Quartzite.
  • Avoid throwing weapons, as they will wear down that weapon quicker.
  • Stock up on Quartzite as the weapons can break anytime. You don’t want them breaking in the middle of a fight.

Why Should You Fix Your Weapons?

To survive in this game against hostile insects, you will have to create makeshift weapons. You can build them with scavenged materials or certain insect parts. For example, a simple Pebblet spear needs:

  • 2x sprigs
  • 3x plant fibers
  • 1x Pebblet

These weapons will wear down after consistent fights with the insects. You can make stronger weapons but they too won’t last forever. You must learn how to repair weapons. The condition of the weapon will be represented with a small meter next to the weapon in the inventory. The weapon will break once the meter hits zero. The good thing is you won’t have to make a new weapon once the old one breaks. They will remain in your inventory where you can repair them. This will save you some precious resources.


Weapons can be your greatest allies in this game. Treat them well and you will roam the landscape fearless. We hope you liked our article and found everything you needed on how to repair weapons in Grounded. For more articles, visit our Grounded section.