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Where To Find The Full Drifter’s Armor Set In Remnant: From The Ashes

Find all the three pieces of Drifter's armor set.

Armor sets are very important in Remnant: From the Ashes, and you can find many of them while playing. One of the most important armor, which is also one of the first you will come across is the Drifter’s armor set. Drifter’s armor set gives passive abilities to users. Firstly it reduces stamina usage and secondly, it also increases the speed. So for gamers who want to save their stamina for future endeavors, Drifter’s armor set is the one to go for. This guide will cover how to obtain all the three pieces of the Drifter’s armor set in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How to Obtain The Full Drifter’s Armor Set


Drifter’s armor set consists of three pieces, Overcoat, Trousers, and The Mask. When you collect one of the pieces the stamina usage reduces by 10%. Then the usage reduces by 20% with the second piece and 35% when you have all three pieces.

The first two pieces, Drifter’s Overcoat and Drifter’s Trousers are easily accessible right at the first level. You can find these pieces in the Founder’s Hideout Travel Point on Earth. As soon as you spawn, head straight and you will be into the Founder’s Hideout’s room.

You will find the Warehouse 13 key in the room sitting on the table. Here’s the trick, you might think that’s the only object in the room. But there’s something else that needs to be looked after. On the left of the table, there will be a secret passage door. Break the door and you will see a secret passage. Crawl into it and go upstairs to find Drifter’s armor set’s Overcoat and Trousers.


Finding the third piece, which is the Drifter’s Mask is; however, not as simple and straightforward as finding the other two. The spawn location of Drifter’s Mask is selected randomly and appears as a purple drop on Earth. Hence, you will have to search every corner of the Earth to find the last Drifter’s armor set piece. It is also possible that the Drifter’s Mask may not at all spawn during a playthrough.

It might sound very time consuming to find the Drifter’s armor set in Remnant: From the Ashes, but it is worth it. But if you want to go fast, you can go for other armor sets available in the game. You can also acquire powerful spears like the Voice of the Tempest to stay ahead in Remnant: From the Ashes.