How To Redeem Discord Nitro Youtube Premium Code

Have Discord Nitro? You can get 3 months Youtube premium for free. This is how.

Discord Nitro users get a lot of perks and now they are also getting 3 months of Youtube premium for free. YT Premium gives you the chance to watch ad-free content that you can play in the background. You can also download videos to watch them offline. So, here’s how to redeem Discord Nitro Youtube Premium code and what to do if it’s not working.

How to Redeem Youtube Premium Code for Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro Youtube Premium Code Not Working

Discord Nitro users can get 3 months of YT Premium for free if you redeem the code. These are the steps Discord Nitro users should follow to redeem Youtube Premium code:

  1. Log into your Discord Nitro account.
  2. Check the Settings.
  3. Choose Gift Inventory.
  4. Click on Youtube Premium.
  5. You will get your Youtube Premium redeem code.
  6. Now head to
  7. Log in to it with your Google account.
  8. Enter the redeem code you got and click on Next.
  9. This will activate Youtube Premium and you can enjoy it.

Now you can experience the service which includes offline, ad-free videos as well as Youtube Music.

Discord Nitro Youtube Premium Code Not Working Fix

If Discord Nitro users are not able to redeem the Youtube Premium code and things are just not working, don’t worry. You are not alone – many users are facing the same issue.

  • The reason why this is happening could be that too many people are trying to use the code and it is causing server issues. You can try again after some time or a couple of days to get it in your account.
  • Do note that this offer is not available to current or previous YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscribers. Also, users who have participated in a YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or Google Play Music trial previously won’t be eligible.
  • This promo is only available in the regions of: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa & Turkey
  • So, in case you don’t fit the requirements, you will see that Discord Nitro Youtube Premium code is not working.

Things You Should Know

  • This is a free trial promotion that $9.99 Discord Nitro subscribers can use.
  • You can claim this offer from August 9, 2021 (9:00am PT) to October 30, 2021 (11:59pm PT).
  • Important note – When the 3 month trial period ends, it will convert to a monthly recurring subscription that you have to pay for. Youtube Premium will be US$11.99/month but if you don’t want it, you can cancel it.

How to Cancel Youtube Premium?

You will find the options to cancel the service in the Youtube Premium settings itself.

I hope that clears out your doubts. If you want to know some hidden Discord tips and tricks, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak!

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