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Take-Two Interactive Shuts Down Fan Made PC Project For Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games have always released the PC version of their games a year later and has since been a trend, we saw the same thing happen with GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 but the first installment in the series never got a PC version.

The only way to play Red Dead Redemption on PC is by using the PlayStation Now service and though fans have been asking for a PC version of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have been silent on this.


A developer named Johnathon Wyckoff was reportedly working on a fan project but since has been shut down by Take-Two. This new project is called the “Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project” but has been shut down by Take-Two.

Take-Two Interactive issued a lawsuit claiming that “publicly stated intent to distribute unauthorized software files that would dramatically change the content of Take-Two’s video games”.

This lawsuit has made it impossible for Wyckoff to work on his “fan project” and he even tweeted out saying.


But this saw him earning a lot of support as Red Dead Redemption has been wanted on the PC and since then Wyckoff has tweeted again saying that he has been talking with Take-Two Interactive about the case.


Hopefully, for everyone involved in this, the case gets resolved soon and we get a Red Dead Redemption Remastered version soon.


Red Dead Redemption was developed by Rockstar Games and is available for the PlayStation 3.