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What is Rec 4 Players Mean in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Season 3 Week 6 challenge has a banner Rec: 4 Players, what to know what it is and how to unlock this banner in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 6 challenges include an unusual reward, a banner marked as Rec: 4 Players. If you are wondering what does this banner really means and how to unlock this then keep reading this guide. I am going to make things simple here because this reward has a special requirement. That makes it a little complicated to unlock easily in the game. Here is what is Fortnite Rec 4 Players challenge.

How to complete Rec 4 Players Challenge in Fortnite?


Rec: 4 Players are unlocked when you complete the challenge in a group of four. You will need a support three more players here, or else this challenge will remain incomplete in the game. Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 6 challenges include searching 100 chests, you can do this on your own. But if you work together then you can complete it faster. 100 chest is not a small number to cover in a day.

The challenge emphasizes on players to form a team of 4 and complete the task, and then they will unlock the Rec: 4 Players banners in Fortnite. Now how to form a team?

How to form 4 player Team in Fortnite?


You don’t really have to manually invite your friends to join your party. Fortnite will take care of this through Squads game mode. It will automatically add players a common stats into one group allowing you to complete Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 6 challenges faster.

Make sure you set the Squad to fill before jumping into the game. That’s it there will be other players also who are looking to play in a team. Fortnite will take care of finding the best suitable players for the squad. After having a full 4 players group jump into the game and start with the Search 100 Chest challenge.

The best location to look for chest is Lazy Lake, there are loot scattered throughout the area. Also do not forget to scan the west of Lazy Lake for Season 3 Week 6 XP coins. Searching 100 chest is the most time-consuming challenge in Fortnite, so do not hurry. Focusing on landing on the region with a high probability of loot i.e. Lazy Lake.


After successfully completing the challenge will reward you with 80000 XP, along with the weekly challenge rewards. This is how you can complete Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 6 challenges and unlock the Rec 4 Player Banner.