Rockstar To Release Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtracks This Year

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 was not only one of the best games of 2018 but it also heavily featured one of the best soundtracks of any gaming title and these soundtracks go a long way to make a great game. Rockstar has now announced that they will be publishing the soundtracks for Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year.

World famous artists have been featured on the soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption 2 including Willie Nelson, D’Angelo, Rhiannon Giddens, composer Rocco DeLuca, and country recording artist David Ferguson and their collaboration with Rockstar has given the game an added dimension as to being one of the best, which was recognized at The Game Awards 2018 as the game won both the Best Score/Music and Best Audio Design.

Rockstar has stated that they will be releasing two albums later this year one will feature the original soundtrack for the game and the other will have the original score. If you have been a fan of the game like so many then you will surely enjoy hearing the songs again and remembering the story which takes places.

The release date for the soundtrack album titled, “The Music Of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack” will release on the 12th of July 2019 with the second album coming in later.

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