How to Turn On Riot Mode in RDR 2 – New Trainer Mod Guide

Mod by jedijosh920

Playing games with Mod is amazing, why because it gives you a lot to do. You can get unlimited health, have extra features and much more. If you are playing Red Dead Redemption 2  on PC then I have this amazing mod to share. It is a new RDR2 trailer by jedijosh920 that tons a ton of amazing feature in the game. And in this RDR 2 Mod guide I will show you how to install Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer, how to use it and what feature it will unlock. Like invincibility, infinite dead dye, infinite stamina, riot mode, super run, super jump, etc.

Important Note: Before you proceed with RDR2 Mod installation remember the mod is only for single player, do not play RDR Online if the mod is active and always backup your game. These are third party files that can lead to crash or game instability. But fun to try out.

How to install Red Dead Redemption 2 New Trailer – By jedijosh920

New trainer is available for download on Just search for the following keyword in Google Search – “rdr2 new trainer by jedijosh download” and click on the link by From here you will have to accept Discord server invitation to get the trainer file download.

After getting the RDR 2 New Trailer Download files, you will need to install Alexander Blade’s Script Hook RDR2.

It is available for download on the same site. To activate press F5 and use the Number keys to navigate between the menus.

After installing Script Hook RDR2, place the following three files in Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Directory.

  • RDR2Trainer.asi
  • RDR2Trainer.ini
  • RDR2Trainer.log

Place them in the root directory where the game is installed. Once you are done launch RDR 2 and ensure that you are not online. Then press F5 to load the Trainer Menu or if you are using a Controller then press R1 + Right D-pad.

The best part if this new trailer is it brings Zombie and Riot Mode in the game. If you enable Riot Mode everyone will start killing each other. Zombie mode will unleash a zombie apocalypse in the wild west.There are more features in this new RDR 2 Trailer, below are all the details.

What you get in RDR2 New Trainer?


  • Spawn Bodyguard
  • Bodyguard Options
  • Recruit Nearby Ped as Bodyguard

Player Options

  • Invincibility
  • Infinite Dead Eye
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Never Wanted
  • Fill Player Cores
  • Give Money
  • Bounty Options
  • Honor Options
  • Change Player Model
  • Change Player Appearance
  • Playing as NPC Mod
  • Clean Player
  • Player Ped Scale
  • Everyone Ignores Player
  • Super Jump
  • Super Run
  • Kill Player
  • Drunk Ragdoll
  • DIsable Ragdoll

Weapon Options

  • Give Weapon
  • Give All Weapons
  • Remove All Weapons
  • Drop Current Weapon
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Fire Ammo
  • Explosive Ammo
  • One Hit Kill
  • Lightning Strike Gun
  • Teleport Gun
  • Gravity Gun
  • Instant Dismemberment Gun
  • Shrink Gun
  • Revive Gun
  • Delete Gun
  • Soul Stealer Gun

World & Game Options

  • Display Options
  • Time Options
  • Population Options
  • Weather Options
  • Unlockables
  • Snow Coverage Type
  • Disable Gravity
  • Disable Invisible New Austin Sniper
  • Clear Area


  • Zombie Generator
  • Riot Mode

Misc Options

  • Skyfall
  • Drink Beer
  • Play as Undressed Sadie
  • Play as RDR1 John
  • Play as Jimmy Hopkins
  • Play as The Man with No Name

Have fun.

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