RDR Online First Major Update Rumored – Coming Tomorrow

Buy New Houses, Ranches, Properties, Houses, Horses, etc.

Spiel Times a popular Video Game news portal based on a Reddit leak reported RDR Online could get the first major update tomorrow. But his can also be a pure rumor, still, the leaked info is not too petite to ignore. We had added a source link the end where you can go through the actual news and learn more followed by the disclaimer where Spiel Times clearly states it holds no valid proof to specify the accuracy of the information.

According to t the leak the Red Dead Redemption Online will be getting a reasonable update tomorrow. The leaker first posted the details r/RedDeadOnline, where it received negative treatment form the users. If this leak is true then RDR Online will get a big update tomorrow where players will be able to buy properties, home, and ranches. They can also make money from the purchased assets, along with the real-estate addons there will be new carriages, wagons, horses, etc. The leak also pointed out some of the vehicles come with more space to allow players to carry a higher amount of hunt like animals, skin, etc.

There are possibilities, but no accurate or official confirmation from Rockstars End. The details are coming through a leak, by a Redditor who also predicted false news of Bully 2 teaser. To some extent, it is not tangible enough to trust the source, but still, speculation sometimes nourishes RDR fan with some fresh and interesting information.

Source: SpeilTimes

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