Minecraft Ravagers: How To Spawn & Kill Them

Check out everything you need to know about Ravagers in Minecraft.

If you’ve come across a Minecraft mob that looks like an angry bull, then congratulations, you’ve met Ravagers. This huge hostile mob was added to the game in the 1.14 update. If you’ve not faced this beast yet then count yourself lucky. They pose a serious threat due to their heavy attacks. In this guide, we will tell you how to deal with them.

What are Ravagers in Minecraft

Ravager in Minecraft

Ravagers in Minecraft is a huge hostile mob ridden by illagers during a raid. It has a massive health bar consisting of 50 Hearts. If you’re within a 32-block radius, the Ravager will charge at you and will not stop until you are eliminated. Apart from players, they are also hostile toward villagers, iron golems, and traders.

How to Spawn Ravagers

The Ravagers spawn in the third wave of a village raid. To trigger the raid, you’ll have to kill an illager captain. Once you do that, you will gain the ‘Bad Omen’ status effect. Now, all you have to do is enter a village and survive till the third wave.

How to Deal with Ravagers in Minecraft

As we mentioned, Ravagers are tanky mobs with a massive health bar. However, their size does not affect their speed. If you try to run then they will catch up to you. Ravagers attack their enemies by ramming into them. The damage they inflict is based on the difficulty level as follows:

  • Easy: 3.5 Hearts
  • Normal: 6 Hearts
  • Hard: 9 Hearts

To kill Ravagers in Minecraft, you will need strong armor and a shield. Learn its attack pattern and use the shield to block its attack. If you do it perfectly, you may stun the Ravager for 2 seconds. This will give you a window to attack the Ravager or run away. Make sure you don’t get carried away while attacking. The Ravager uses a Roar attack after recovering which depletes 3 hearts and knocks the player back. You can also try and use ranged weapons to kill this beast. Once you get rid of a Ravager, you will get 20 EXP orbs and a Saddle.

That’s everything from us on Minecraft Ravagers. For more such content on mobs like the Phantom, make sure you visit our Minecraft section.