SF6 Rashid Release Date & Battle Pass Explained

With the new Rashid Battle Pass for SF6 being here, it may be an indication that he is about to release soon.

Wondering what is the release date of Rashid for Street Fighter 6. You aren’t alone, it has been quite a since Capcom released information on their upcoming DLC characters. And we know Rashid will be the first one to release among them, a new Battle Pass celebrating his imminent arrival is already here. But the question bothering many is while his rewards are here, where is the Master of Turbulent Winds himself?

When Will Rashid be Added in Street Fighter 6? (Release Date)

SF6 Rashid Release Date

Street Fighter confirmed in their latest Tweet that Rashid will release on 24th July 2023. Depending on if you used to main him in Street Fighter V or if you were annoyed by his moves, this can be very sad or happy news. But regardless of the side you are on, the character is almost here and will soon join the roster.

Now there are only 3 other characters that are confirmed to join him later. Their release schedule is as follows:

  • A.K.I – Autumn 2023
  • Akuma – Spring 2024
  • Ed – Winter 2024

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Battle Pass Explained

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Battle Pass explained

You can get the Rashid Arrives Fighting Pass for 250 Fighter Coins. It is available from July 4th to 23rd. Here are all the premium rewards that you will get with it:

  • Rashid-themed Avatar Gear
    • Chest Piece
    • Legwear
    • Shoes
    • Eyewear
    • Backpack
  • Photo Border
  • Classic Game – Hyper Dyne Side Arms
  • Emote
  • 3 Music Themes – Rashid, Laura, & Necali
  • 3 Title Cards
  • Device Wallpaper
  • 5 Stickers

And there are even several free rewards that players can claim.

While you wait for Rashid to release, I suggest you head over to our Street Fighter 6 section. You can check out our character guides to help learn some moves and counters to use against Rashid. As for the ones planning to main him, you might want to figure out Modern Vs Classic controls to see what will work the best for you.