Coin Master: What Is The Rarest Card?

Check our List of rarest cards in Coin Master and collect them all to earn rewards.

The hunt for cards in Coin Master seems never-ending. As there is a plethora of cards to collect and a bunch of them are rare. If you are unaware of the rarest card in Coin Master, we are here to fill you in with that information. Along with that, we have also explained the multiple ways to get rare cards in Coin Master. Check out this guide and learn all about the cards in the game.

What is the Rarest Card in Coin Master?

The rarest card in Coin Master is the Armstrong card that belongs to the Circus card collection. A lot of players have confirmed that despite trying plenty of times, this card is yet to be added to their collection.

Some of the rarer cards include Andromeda, Farmer Feng, Cosmic Carl, Barrel Tank, Pig Knight, Archery Camp, Mastermind, Amphibious Abe, etc.

How to Get Rare Cards

rarest card in Coin Master

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Opening Chests

Chests are one of the most important parts of the game. There are three kinds of chests that you can purchase with in-game coins. They are Wooden, Golden, and Magical. These chests will help you obtain most of the cards to complete your set.

One tip you might want to keep in mind. When you’ve collected several millions of coins, buy multiple Magical chests instead of building and upgrading your village. This way, you will be able to collect numerous cards in no time.

As Magical chests are the most expensive to purchase, there are high chances that you will obtain more rare cards through this chest.

Trading Cards

Another way to get rare cards is to trade cards with your in-game friends. Throughout the game, you will come across numerous duplicate cards. You can get rid of them by exchanging them with other players.

If you are searching for a Gold card, it is worth noting that you can’t trade them at anytime. Gold cards can only be traded during specific events.

Participate in Events

Events are one of the best things players could hope for. During events, you can get a lot of cards for free as rewards. So, participate in events and complete the tasks to gain more and more rewards.

That’s all about the rarest card in Coin Master and the ways to get rare cards. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.