Omega Strikers Ranks Tier List: How To Rank Up Fast?

Learn about the Ranks Tier List in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers introduces the concept of Air Hockey in a heroic way. Mentioning heroic here is not wrong as you can get yourself some super help in the game. How? well, every character can use some super buffs to get an upper hand in the game. Apart from its 3v3 Unranked and Custom Matches, players are allowed to play ranked matches to level up. As a regular player, you might have the curiosity to know about the further ranks in any game. Like what badges or rewards you get upon ranking up or how many ranks are actually there in the game. If you are playing Omega Strikers, you might want to know about the highest rank in the game. Check out this guide and know about all the ranks in Omega Strikers from top to bottom in order and also some tips to rank up.

Omega Strikers Ranks in Order – Tier List

Omega Strikers Ranks in Order

The ranking system of this game is simple and you might not face any difficulty in understanding it. There are a total of 8 ranks in this game:

  • Rookie
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Challenger
  • Omega

Anyone who starts playing Omega Strikers is given the Rookie rank in the beginning. Thereafter, you level up to higher ranks as the game progresses. Also, these ranks are further sub-categorized as mid and high ranks. For instance, if you have reached Gold rank in the game, then you might see the categorization as mid Gold and High Gold. This division of ranks works for every tier in the game. The Ranked matches in this game are not directly available to play as you have to unlock it after completing certain missions.

How to Rank Up Fast

There’s only one potential way to rank up in Omega Strikers, and that is by playing a decent number of games. Decide your role as a Forward or Goalkeeper in the game. And then, strengthen your part as the player in the game to get more League Points. Additionally, you get almost 25-35 League Points whereas you may also lose some of the points on a defeat. Moreover, try to play the majority of matches with your squad to rank up more efficiently. There are several reasons for that, better communication and a less toxic environment just to name a few.

These were the Omega Strikers ranks in an ordered list. Meanwhile, you are here, check out our other Omega Strikers guides on the website.

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