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Rage 2 Ranger Echo Trapped Fallen Ranger Location

Location for the fallen ranger, ark chest and two storage container.

Ranger Echo Mission Trapped is located in the North West of Dunesea region, if you landed upon this objective then you have to find a fallen ranger in an old house. The house also has one ark chest and two storage container. In this Ranger Echo Trapped guide, you can learn about the location of the fallen ranger and all the chest in the house.

Trapped Fallen Ranger Location

After reaching the location of Trapped objective shoot the window on the left of the garage. Ten shoot the fuse inside to open the door. Enter from the backside, turn right and check the room on the left. The Fallen Ranger will be resting on his couch, use Focus to gather the intel and one Weapon Core Mod.

In the same room, turn left and you will find a Storage Container that will reward you $255. Exit the room walk to the right end, cross the hall and enter the kitchen on the left. Look above the door for a storage container that will reward you $265. Climb on the fridge to unlock it. The Ark Chest will be right in front of you in the toilet, it will reward you one Life Gland.

So overall you can earn around $520 from two storage container, a single Life Gland, and a Weapon Core Mod by completing the Ranger Echo Trapped. It is a small mission, everything is inside the house. Such small missions are helpful to earn weapon core mods and cash that can be later used to upgrade weapons.