How To Complete Raising Spirits Side Quest In Diablo 4

Vedant Shanbhag
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The classic RPG franchise Diablo is back in the form of Diablo 4. While the game is set to come in the coming month of June, fans can check out the open beta to see all the game has to offer. Diablo 4 takes players back to the world of Sanctuary, a land full of magic and terror. Of the many quests you can complete during your playthrough, one seems to stump players. Let’s take a quick look at how to complete the Raising Spirits side quest in Diablo 4.

How to Complete Raising Spirits in Diablo 4

How to complete raising sprits in Diablo 4

While playing through the game’s campaign you’ll find yourself in the first city in the game, Kyovashad. Here you can talk to the Guard Boza to start the Raising Spirits side quest. You are given a simple mission to complete, cheer up the new recruits at the training camps after a hard day of training. Once you complete this task you’ll be rewarded some gold coins and XP depending on your rank.

How to Cheer the Training Militia in Diablo 4

Your only task in Raising Sprits’ side quest is to cheer up the training recruits. But the game doesn’t really specify how to do that. Players will have to use the emote feature to cheer on the training soldiers. This can be done by pressing E to bring up the action wheel. If you’re using this for the first time you’ll have to manually select the Cheer to emote and place it in the slot. You can find the emote in the customize option when you open the wheel. Once you have the Cheer emote ready, select it to raise the spirits of the recruits.


That’s all we have on how to complete Raising Spirits Quest in Diablo 4. Check out our guide on How to leave Dungeons and other Diablo 4 Guides here on Gamer Tweak.

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