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Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down? Check R6 Status (2022)

Are Rainbow Six Siege servers down? Find out the current R6 Siege server status from official and unofficial sources & when it will be fixed.

Are you wondering if Rainbow Six Siege servers are currently down for maintenance or due to a server outage? Here’s how to check the R6 status at the moment. Players who face connection issues, problems while logging in or matchmaking can head to the following sources for accurate information.


Are Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down (R6 Server Status)

Here’s how to know if R6 servers are down or not:

Official R6 page on Ubisoft


r6 siege server status

This is where you will be able to see the global status for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players. Find out if every service is operational or if there are connectivity, authentication, store and matchmaking issues right here. It’s a live status page that gets refreshed every minute, so this is the best source to get the most up-to-date info.

Down Detector


downdetector rainbow six

This is an unofficial source that will tell you if players are facing server connections with the help of a graph. Downdetector is well known in the gaming community because players can also share the errors they are encountering in the comment section.

Twitter Account


Last but not the least, you can follow @Rainbow6Game and turn on notifications so that you stay updated with the latest information. They will tweet whenever there is a problem and also mention when the issue is resolved, so be sure to check it out.


If you are wondering whether the issues are happening to you or to other players as well, the R6 subreddit should have some comments or posts related to the same.

Check if the Platforms are Down

On some occasions, the game has no issues but the servers of the platform may be having connection problems. Here’s how to check if Steam is down. And head over to the links for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to know the current server status.

That’s everything about Rainbow Six Siege Server status and how to check if the servers are down or not.