Rainbow Six Siege PS5 Will Run At 4k/120FPS in Performance Mode, Launches on December 1

Rainbow Six Siege can already be played on the PS5 thanks to the backward compatibility. But a real New Gen version will also follow shortly. The details are as follows.

Ubisoft has revealed more details about the new-gen version of Rainbow Six Siege. It will be released on December 1, 2020, in the version “Year 5 Season 4”.

According to Ubisoft, the graphical performance of the new consoles enables “better lighting and depth of field improvements, especially on long distance.” On the PS5, the shooter runs in two versions, including the performance mode and the resolution mode. The title achieves the following performance:

  • Performance Mode: Target 120 fps with 4k Dynamic Resolution Scaling
  • Resolution Mode: Target 60 fps with 4k Resolution

“Performance mode, which targets 120 frames per second, makes Siege gameplay smoother than ever,” says Ubisoft. “Siege’s stable FPS holds up even under incredible duress, like breach charges that cause destructive explosions. 120 fps enhancements are dependent on your TV, so look into those details to get the most out of the game.”

The so-called Activity Cards are also supported on the PS5. They let you immerse yourself faster in Ranked, Unranked, Newcomer, Quick Match & Events.

On the PS5, Rainbow Six Siege makes use of the advantages of the DualSense controller and lets the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers be used.

Players who already own the title for the PS4 can upgrade the game to the PS5 version at no additional cost. Progress and in-game items are retained when you switch to the new console. If you have a physical copy, you can only use the new version if you have a PS5 console with a drive. Cross-play is also available.