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New Operators From Down Under Invade Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow Six has brought in operators from around the world which have been shown as the best of the best in their field of speciality and two new characters have been revealed by Ubisoft. These new operators come from Australia and have a history of working together.

Gridlock and Mozzie are a pair who use their skills to be invincible in battle. Gridlock an attacker has anti-vehicle caltrops called Trax Stingers while Mozzie a defender posses a pest, which is an anti-intelligence measure to stop attackers from gathering intel.


Their personalities are completely opposite but together they can be a force to be reckoned with. The teaser released by Ubisoft gives us a glimpse into what they can be like.

Ubisoft released this news with the news that these characters will be available with  Operation Burnt Horizon and will go live at the same time.

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