How To Find And Use Rainbow Conch In Sea Of Stars

Are you confused as to how to use the Rainbow Conch Shells in Sea of Stars? Then this guide is here for you.

In this guide, we will find out not only the locations of the Rainbow Conch Shells but also the uses of it in Sea of Stars. There are a total of 60 of these shells that you can find in the game and the best part about it is that they are easy to find and collect. You will also get rewarded by Mirna, based on how many of them you collect and give him. There are many different rewards that you can obtain from it, but first here is how you can get it.

How to Find Rainbow Conch in Sea of Stars

rainbow conch sea of stars

You can find the Rainbow Conch Shells all around the game in Sea of Stars. But to be specific, you can find them in these given locations as well –

  • Wind Tunnel Mines
  • X’tol’s Landing
  • Stonemason’s Outpost
  • Coral Cascades
  • Port Town of Brisk
  • Abandoned Wizard’s Lab
  • Wraith Island Docks
  • Town of Lucent
  • Cursed Woods
  • Flooded Graveyard
  • Necromancers Lair
  • Ancient Crypt
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Mirth
  • Mooncradle
  • Jungle Path
  • Sacred Grove
  • Lake Docarria
  • Antsudlo
  • Glacial Peak
  • Torment Peak
  • Mossy Cache
  • Autumn Hills
  • Bamboo Creek
  • Songshroom Marsh
  • Clockwork Castle
  • Forbidden Cavern
  • Mountain Trail
  • Elder Mist Trials
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Air Elemental Skyland
  • Moorlands
  • Half-Sunken Tower
  • Sealed Doccari Ruins
  • Throne of the Queen
  • Sky Base

These were the majority of the locations where you can find the Rainbow Conch Shells in Sea of Stars. You just have to scout a little in these given areas and the shells won’t be hard to find. Now let’s look at its uses.

How to Use Rainbow Conch in Sea of Stars

rainbow conch shell location and use

Use the Rainbow Conch Shells to give it to Mirna in Sea of Stars. Then obtain rewards in return for it. you will find Mirna at Lake Docarria in the village. He is a fisherman. The rewards are as follows –

  • 4 Shells: Inn Plans.
  • 11 Shells: Cornucopia accessory.
  • 19 Shells: Shop Plans.
  • 22 Shells: Fishing Hut Plans.
  • 27 Shells: Falcon-eyed parrot relic.
  • 35 Shells: Poutine Cooking Recipe.
  • 39 Shells: Spa Plans.
  • 47 Shells: Pudding Chomeur cooking recipe.
  • 60 Shells: Rainbow Star.

Once you exchange the shells for the given rewards, you can make better use of them. This was all on how to get Rainbow Conch Shells in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Platinum in Sea of Stars.