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Raid Shadow Legends Server Status: Check If Servers Are Down

Is Raid Shadow Legends down right now? Here's how to check the server status.

If RPGs are your favorite type of game to play on mobile, then you may already be a fan of RSL. But sometimes, the servers go down and you won’t be able to join the fight in this multiplayer game. How to check Raid Shadow Legends server status? Find out here.

Is Raid Shadow Legends Down? How to Check Raid SL Server Status

how to check if raid shadow legends servers are down

Whenever RSL servers go down, you may face login issues, lag, connection problems etc. Here’s how to check and confirm the current server status of the game.

To find the server status of Raid Shadow Legends, you can head to pingserverstatus.com. Although it’s not an official website from Plarium Games, it keeps you updated with the server status of various locations and the ping as well.

You can also check the official Twitter account of @RaidRPG to know any latest updates regarding downtime or maintenance period. This can happen due to an influx of players which the servers cannot handle or due to an upcoming patch that requires the servers to be updated. The developers will keep you informed beforehand and they will also let you know the duration for which the outage will last. To be quickly informed, just turn on the notifications from their Twitter account and you will know the newest info right away.

Lastly, see if the issues are from the developers’ end or only you are facing them. For this, check the comments and posts from the community on Twitter or Reddit. Also remember to check your internet connection – reset your router if you need to.

So, that’s all about Raid Shadow Legends server status and how to check it. Once the game is up and running, you can use our Raid Shadow Legends codes to get some freebies too. Also, if you are curious to know the server status of other games, take a look at our other articles.