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Rage 2 TerrorMania Expansion Pack Will Scare And Entertain You

Rage 2 promised a ton of action before launch but it did not live up to the mark of what the trailers promised, this second expansion pack titled ‘TerrorMania’ might just be what Rage 2 was missing.


You will find yourself in an alternative universe where the Wasteland is now Deadland and you will have to fight off undead creatures before they can take over the living world.

To make things better, Rage 2’s TerrorMania brings a spooky theme with itself which would’ve been an instant hit before Halloween but a short delay is still fine if the gameplay is fun in itself.

Sword of Transitus an ancient relic of unspeakable power is introduced to the first time to Rage 2 which will be the key to unlocking the gates between the two worlds.

The new location Deadlands is a spin on the classic Wasteland, and this new update also brings the Army of the Dead which will consist of an undead versions of the classic enemies we have come to see in Rage 2.

Rage 2’s new expansion pack is certainly going to bring a new twist to the amazing gameplay and hope it manages to fill the holes that Rage 2 could not address.


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