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How To Play Multiplayer In Raft Survival?

Here is how you can add and play with friends in Raft Survival

Playing Multiplayer in Raft Survival will just amplify the game to the next level. The more players you have, the more the game will provide you resources and items in your environment and with that, the danger and enemy spawn too. It however is a different vibe when you play with more gamers. So if you do not know how to play Raft Survival in multiplayer mode, keep reading this guide.

How to Play Raft Survival in Multiplayer?


Raft Survival Multiplayer

First things first, for Raft Survival to work in multiplayer, the player will have to download the game from Steam. The next step would be to first add the people you want to play with to your steam friends list. Do not forget to keep your profile status as ‘online‘ in order to easily be found or find friends. Once you add the desired friend to your steam friends list, the player needs to accept your friend request. As soon as this step is complete, you can see the player’s Raft world and vice versa. Do this with multiple players individually to get more players on your Raft Survival.

You can now launch the game and proceed to create a ‘new world‘ or ‘Load world‘ in the game. While opening a new world or loading one, make sure you enable the ‘Friends can join’ option. You will have a unique password that you can share with your friends. This will allow them to join your world. If you are joining someone else’s world, simply request this password. Input it in the chatbox that will prompt saying ‘Join World’. This will make you join other player’s worlds if you haven’t created them.


So that is all for our guide on how to play multiplayer in Raft Survival. If you would like to know more about gaming, we have some amazing and informational guides for you to check out.