Team Sonic Racing Guide – Four Best Racing Techniques

Tips for beginners that can give you a instant edge on opponents

You can use the best four racing techniques to get ahead of opponents in Team Sonic Racing, these four methods are enough for you to win races during the initial missions of the game. Also, the racing tips can be used anywhere anytime in the game, in this guide of Team Sonic Racing read the racing techniques to beat others.

Four Best Racing Techniques

Start Line Boost: Instant Speed Boost At The Starting Point

When you see the countdown timer press and release Accelerate with it. With every count, if you do this and your timing is proper then you will get an instant speed boost that will put you ahead of everyone. You have to press it with the timer, and if it fails then there are chances that you may get slowed down. So it is always best to get an extra boost at the start of the race.

Boost Pads: Drive Over The Glowing Arrow On Road

If you are slowed down for some reason or left behind try to drive over the Boost pads, a pair of arrows on the road to get a sudden speed boost. If you are able to land regularly on the arrows then you can easily beat anyone in the race. Even if you drift over the arrow you will still get a speed boost for a short period.

Stunt: The Barrel Roll

If you are high in the air after a jump performs a barrel roll and grab item boxes. You have to land properly on the ground to get an extra welcome boost. If you are able to do this three times and land properly you get an additional boost, but it is not that easy as it looks. So keep practicing it, remember improper landing will put you on halt. Refer the controls below to perform a stunt.

  • PS4 – Right Stick
  • Xbox One – Right Stick
  • Nintendo Switch – Right Stick

Drift: Skid For Fun

Skid is a way to escape from corners, if you can do this well without losing speed you can smoothly pass through edges with max speed. To perform a Drift steer at the corners and hold Drift key in the direction. If you perform Drift regularly you will earn boost.

  • PS4 – R2 – Accelerate & L2 – Drift.
  • Xbox One – Right Trigger – Accelerate & Left Trigger – Drift.
  • Nintendo Switch – ZR – Accelerate & ZL – Drift.

With this for the simple racing technique, you can get an easy edge over other players in Team Sonic Racing.