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Today’s Quordle Answer 7 January 2023 (Daily Hints)

Here's a list of all Quordle game answers for today and days before, updated daily.

Are you searching for the answer to today’s Quordle for 7 January 2023? This will help you out.


This game, as the name gives it away, has four Wordle games on one page for you to play. And if you find these 4 puzzles to be a bit hard anyway don’t worry we will be updating the answers here daily. Bookmark this page and check back often.

Hints for Quordle 7 January

  • The top-left word has one vowel. Clue: It’s a sweet snack flavored with chocolates, fruits, nuts, or other toppings.
  • The top-right word has one vowel. Clue: Sharing a secret or something private.
  • The bottom-left word has one vowel. Clue: Upcoming Monday’s date.
  • The bottom-right word has two vowels. Clue: Wet or dirty clothes go here for a wash.

If you don’t want to know the solution, now is the time to turn back! The answer is mentioned below.

What is Today’s Quordle Answer? 7 January 2023

Quordle Game Answer Today


How to Play Quordle?

This game assumes you already know how to play Wordle, because it levels up the task by giving you four Wordles at a time.

  • Just like Wordle, you need to guess one word for each section but the challenge is that you can only guess ONE word at a time and it must apply to all of them.
  • Every section will show you hints in the form of yellow and green tiles, with which you can make your next guess.
  • You have 9 guesses to get all 4 words.
  • The trick is to first get all the vowels out of the way by guessing words that have most vowels. Usually, I start with STEAM or RAISE or similar words. You can use this starter words list to get more ideas. From there, keep attempting more words while ensuring the current clues the game gives you are all included.

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