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Quantum Error Confirmed for Xbox Series X, Launch No Longer Exclusive To PS4 & PS5

The shooter Quantum Error, which was once announced for PS4 and PS5, will no longer appear exclusively for these platforms. A launch for Xbox Series X is also planned. The publication on all platforms should take place simultaneously. At the bottom of this article, you can see a trailer for the announcement.


The developers deny on Twitter the allegation that the previously announced exclusivity was a marketing ploy. Rather, the reactions at Gamescom and during the Future Game Show have shown that players on the Xbox Series consoles are also interested in tackling the title on their hardware.

“We have been very honest on all of our development and with so many requests following gamescom and the future games show wanting to play on next-gen Xbox we moved to get approval to make that happen. This announcement and move is to allow more players to experience Quantum Error,” can be read on the game’s official Twitter account. The title will appear sometime in the coming year for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The focus of Quantum Error is the research facility Monad Quantum, which is located about 30 miles off the coast of California and goes up in flames after an attack by unknown beings. After the attack triggers a complete lockdown and an emergency call is sent to the Garboa Fire Department in San Francisco, you come into action.

In Quantum Error you will be put in the role of Captain Jacob Thomas and sent to the research facility together with Shane Costa and a crew. It is then your job to save as many people as possible from the burning complex. According to the manufacturer, there are some dark secrets waiting in the depths of Monad Quantum.