How To Use Quantum Catapult In Stellaris

Find out how to use these cosmic slingshot machines to transport your fleets.

Stellaris is a grand-strategy MMO game that involves space exploration of a technologically superior species in a race to conquer the galaxy. This cosmic sandbox game allows players to interact, explore, research, and formulate a strategy for expanding their galactic empire. Transportation being an important part of the cosmic colonization, the game offers you a number of options. Jump Drives are one of the first methods players can use to travel but you soon realize they are not enough. Quantum Catapults are slingshot megastructures that warp space-time to launch your fleet as much as 5 times the distance covered by Jump Drives. So in this guide, we will discuss how you can use Quantum Catapults in Stellaris.

How to Use Quantum Catapults in Stellaris

Firstly, you need to launch the game with the Overlords DLC in which they were introduced. Now although Slingshot to the Stars Origin gives it to you from the get-go, you can also choose to build a Quantum Catapult around a Neutron Star (Pulsar) for 300 Influence and 5000 Alloys. This will be a basic catapult that can be later upgraded for more accurate launches. This is because Quantum Catapults, although better than some other FTL options, still just launches your troops in a general direction near your desired destination.

Stellaris How To Use Quantum Catapult

In order to use these megastructures, follow the steps below:

  • Select the fleets you wish to launch and plant them in the same star system as your Catapult
  • Now, open the Galaxy View and click on the Catapult icon on the bottom left bar.
  • You should now see a wider map and a circle to mark the ‘throwing range’ of the catapult. This range can be extended with upgraded catapults.
  • Select your desired destination somewhere in the general direction of where you wish to catapult your fleets.
  • After a brief charge period, the Quantum Catapult will launch your fleet.

You should also remember to be cautious while using Quantum Catapults to launch your fleets. This is because they are not accurate and sometimes it may end up launching your fleet into a territory with closed borders causing your fleet to go MIA immediately.

That is all there is to using Quantum Catapults in Stellaris. If you found this article helpful check out our other Stellaris guides on GamerTweak.