How To Find Quagmire Troll Boss In Hogwarts Legacy

Check out where to find and how to beat the Quagmire Troll Boss in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re looking for the Quagmire Troll boss location in Hogwarts Legacy, then we can tell you how to find and defeat it. In this action RPG, you’ll get to explore the magical Hogwarts castle and its surrounding areas. Fans of books and movies know that the world of magic is full of dangers and hostile creatures. The Quagmire Troll is one of the 21 Infamous Foes you’ll face in the game. It’s up to you to defeat this forest troll but first, you must find it and this guide will tell you how.

How to Find Quagmire Troll Boss in Hogwarts Legacy

Quagmire Troll Boss location in Hogwarst Legacy

To find the Quagmire Troll Boss location in Hogwarts Legacy, make your way to the Hogwarts Valley toward the South Sea Bog. Then, cross the Keenbridge hamlet and follow the river to the South and you’ll arrive at the Quagmire Troll boss’ location. You can also use the Keenbridge Floo Flame to teleport near this boss if you’ve already unlocked it.

How to Beat the Quagmire Troll Boss

This Troll boss is a hard hitter and has a massive HP bar. It has several unblockable attacks and can take you out in a single hit. Moreover, you’ll also face several Cottongrass Dugbogs. The fight will be tough but we are here to help you.

To beat the Quagmire Troll Boss in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Start the fight by using the Disillusionment Charm and sneaking behind the Troll.
  • Then, use Petrificus Totalus to surprise it and hit it with a volley of spells.
  • Once it recovers, back away and move around to dodge its attacks.
  • Create a distance between you and the troll and defeat the Dugbogs first.
  • Then, move back to the Quagmire troll and start hitting it with all spells in your arsenal.
  • Keep an eye out for its boulder attack and use Protego to block it. Then, press the prompted button to throw the boulder back.
  • Use the Ancient Magic attacks whenever the meter is full.
  • Keep Flipendo in your Spell Diamond and use it when the troll slams its club on the ground. Then, use it and follow up with a volley of spells.
  • Also, make sure you carry enough Wiggenweld Potions.

That’s all from us on how to find and beat Quagmire Troll boss in Hogwarts Legacy. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more like How to Get Infinite Wiggenweld Potions in our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.