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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code Error (Solved)

Here's what Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code means for you.

Battlefield 2042 open beta game is showing an error with a QR code to scan with a scanner once you have pre-downloaded the game. This will stop once the open beta is live. But if you are still getting the issue then read on to know more about why this is happening.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code Scanner Error


Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code Early Access

If you are getting a QR Code to scan with a camera scanner in Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, that means you have not pre ordered Battlefield 2042 or you are not an active EA Play member. Scanning the Battlefield 2042 QR Code will take you to a site where you can pre order the game according to your platform. So if you are not ready to pre-order, then you will need to skip the early access and wait till 8th October 2021 to play the open beta for all.

Once you pre-download and install Battlefield 2042 you will get the message saying “To secure your early access and be among the first with boots on the ground when the Beta goes live, you’ll need to pre order Battlefield 2042 or be an active EA Play subscriber.” This just means you just can’t play till the early access is over. And once the beta is open for everyone in the next two days, you can jump right in.  This is the tweet from the devs:


Many of you have seen a QR code in the #Battlefield 2042 Open Beta start-up screen indicating you have to pre-order BF2042 or be an active EA Play member to get early access – despite you already got early access. This message will go away tomorrow when the servers go up.

How to Fix or Solve the QR Code Error if You Have EA Play or Battlefield 2042 Pre Order?

Some of the players with EA Play even if they got it separately or included with Xbox Ultimate, are still getting this issue. Here’s how we fixed this our Xbox:

  • Update the latest Xbox update (which should start automatically).
  • Update your Microsoft Store.
  • Download and install the Battlefield 2042 open beta again.
  • Now starting the game should fix the QR code issue.
    Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code fix

According to Devs if you are eligible for early access, then this message will not appear from 6th October. Which clearly isn’t the case. Right now apart from this workaround,  we don’t any official solution or fix for this issue from Devs. We have not confirmed how to fix this for other consoles or PC yet, as the Beta started working for us on PC right away. But the Devs have acknowledged this issue and are currently working on a fix to resolve this.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta QR Code ‘UPDATE’

As per the Devs, the issue is now resolved for all players. And if you still getting the issue, then get in touch with the Support team. The Devs tweeted as follows:


So that’s all you need to know about what to do when Battlefield 2042 open beta game is showing QR to scan with a scanner. Also, make sure to check out BF 2042 System Requirements, and Crossplay & Cross Progression Guide.