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Will The Division 2 Have a PvP Mode For Players To Fight Each Other

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 wrapped up its open demo which left the fans wanting more, awaiting its launch a lot of questions have been asked about the game by players regarding the game. The demo versions made available to the players generated a lot of buzz and one of the most asked things asked during this was the availability of PvP modes.

Will The Division 2 have PvP mode? Well, the answer is an absolute yes, as much fun as you can have taking down the Hyenas. It is absolutely another ball game taking on a player who can be unpredictable and with the open world the Division 2 lets its players use, it can be turned into a lethal trap if used to its advantage.

The two main ways players can enter PvP modes are the Dark Zone and Conflicts.

Dark Zones

Dark Zones are places where players will face off against other players and the environment. The game will feature three dark zones which will be quarantined areas where chaos will definitely ensue. Ubisoft’s main goal towards making dark zones was to “create social interactions between players characterized by tension.” Players can hijack supply drops, loot and hunt each other.


A direct means to PvP mode where players can choose between two game modes Skirmish and Domination. These two will have unique maps of their own and not accessible otherwise.

Skirmish makes a return from the prequel and is being reworked. The last man standing mode where players can respawn only for a set number of times and after it runs out players will not longer be able to respawn and the last person alive will it for their team.

Domination is more objective based where teams will have to capture three locations on the map, though you will be able to capture it by just staying in position, players can interact with their objective which might put them in danger of being exposed.

Matchmaking in both modes will be bracket based on power level to keep the game fair to everyone as much as possible.

Tom Clancy’s The Division, the game will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 15, 2019.

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