Puzzles And Dragons Tier List November 2023

Here are all the heroes of PAD ranked from best to worst.

Puzzles and Dragons is an addictive game that will let you collect and level up heroes that are featured in the game. All these heroes are powerful and sometimes it may get confusing as to which is the best. So in this guide, we give you a tier list of all the heroes in Puzzles And Dragons ranked from best to worst to help you choose the best character.

Puzzles and Dragons Tier List

Here are all the heroes of PAD that are ranked from best to worst to help you choose the best and the strongest characters in the game.

PAD Tier List

S Tier Heroes in Puzzles and Dragons

S Tier characters are the best one of the lot to choose. They will give you guaranteed wins and you cannot go wrong with them.

  • Rosalin
  • Makeover Royal Oak
  • School Kio
  • Makeover Nautilus
  • Natsuru

A Tier Characters in PAD

A Tier Characters are the next best thing to have on your team. They have their own unique abilities and stats which can prove to be game-changing.

  • Makeover Captain Marvel
  • Makeover Charcoal Jiro
  • Philis
  • Makeover Mikage
  • Ivercana
  • Makeover Iron Man
  • Bride Trailokyavijaya
  • Makeover Seina
  • Makeover Shizumaru Hisame

B Tier Heroes in PAD

B Tier heroes can actually be really the underdogs if you know what you are doing with them. If you use them skillfully, you can definitely get some wins in the game.

  • Bride Yuri
  • Branch Guile
  • Makeover Nadeko Sengoku
  • Makeover Miya
  • Zeus (Gancola)
  • Makeover Tsubasa Hanekawa

C Tier Characters in Puzzles And Dragons

Thought the last to choose, that in no way means that they are completely useless. They have their own unique moments when they can overpower the other characters.

  • Ultimate Gol Chaos
  • Makeover Ryumei
  • Ultimate Priscilla
  • Makeover Verl
  • Phoenix Jean Gray

So that is all for our guide on the Puzzles and Dragons tier list. If you would like to know more tier lists, we have covered some amazing games for you to check out.