How To Change Your PUBG Name – PUBG Mobile Username Settings

Want a new name?

Want to change your PUBG Mobile name, then do this. You will need a consumable to modify your PUBG Username. The game profile does not have a direct setting to modify usernames. It is restricted and once created it remains static. But if you are not happy here is how to your PUBG Mobile name.

How to edit Username in PUBG Mobile?

To change your name you will need Rename Card. A consumable available in PUBG store. Without this rename card, the options to change name will ever appear. You have to grab one first and this will be your only chance to use a new user name. If you want to do it again another Rename card is required.

It is not good to keep on changing user names, it is best to pick on that you can easily remember and share with others. A simple name with a combination of numbers is extremely simple to use. Follow the steps below for a new PUBG username.

  • Go to inventory and look for Rename Card.
  • Look under the coupons section.
  • Tap if you found one and then type your new PUBG User name.

How to get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

Rename cards are paid consumables in PUBG and cost UC to buy it. But there are some ways you can get it free in the game use it to change your name in PUBG. To earn a free rename card in PUBG keep on completing missions and crew challenges.

Completing a mission will regularly reward you with new items. It can include a Rename card, some UC, or a new item. So keep playing them and also try to complete any latest Crew Challenges in PUBG Mobile. Options to play this challenge is displayed on the home screen, look for Crew on the main screen. Click on Shop and you might see another option to purchase Rename card for some 200 Crew Points.

Having enough Crew Points also allows you to buy a Rename card. This is how you can change your name in PUBG Mobile.