Grab Harley Quinn And Joker Skin On PUBG PS4 Before The Sale Ends

PUBG Officially Drops Suicide Squad Skins For Limited Time Sale

PUBG offers tons of customization so what’s new? Till now millions of players are already hunting down top position using their traditional avatars and load-outs. Good news coming from PUBG end is players can have Suicide Squad characters in the game. PUBG officially licensed Joker and Harley Quinn Skins which was first made available for PC and Xbox One at the end of 2018 and now it is out on PS4.

The sale will end on March 6, players will have to grab it before the last date. Both the skins are sold separately, there is no single pack. Joker cost $19.99 and Harley Quinn – $ 24.99. The skins are costly and having them separately add-on more pressure to the wallet.

Sales Period

  • Starts: February 7 12:00AM PST / 9:00AM CET
  • Ends: March 6 11:59PM PST / 8:59AM CET

The skin is set to available for limited time, yet there is no further announcement from the developers whether there is any possibility of getting this through in-game activities. The game is also available for mobile and yet the skin is not made available uniformly for every platform.

New skins add-on though pricy, but it will let players enjoy a fresh look of their avatar, technically it is not going to help to earn extra advantage on their opponents.

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