Check Out The PUBG Season 4 Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for PUBG Season 4, the trailer shows a ton of action with the newest amphibian vehicle introduced in the game. PUBG has been going steady ever since it was launched and has brought a ton of options in the game.

There was another cinematic trailer that was released a week back which showed the person responsible for these games. It gives a backstory to the franchise and what events led to the beginning of these games.

This new trailer shows a bunch of people sitting out in anticipation of enemies and opens fire as soon as the opportune moment offers itself. The animation of this trailer brings the game closer to real life as it can be.

There’s also the blue ring which shrinks the gameplay into as less area as possible seen in the trailer as it closes quickly and players scamper for safety/

The season 4 of PUBG is live now on PC with console getting the same update later in the summer.

PUBG has been introducing newer elements ever since the announcements of their new CEO Glen Schofield who has previously worked for games like Call of Duty,

There is a narrative-based game being developed by the PUBG Corp which will be released in sometime in the future.

It looks like PUBG is on the verge of bringing something new to the Battle Royale genre, which they popularized and it will be interesting to see how this will impact the industry.

PUBG is available for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Mobile Devices.