PUBG: New State for Android, iOS Pre-Registration Open Now

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an MMO shooter with survival elements, belonging to the genre of Battle Royale, is ready to return to Android and iOS mobile devices with PUBG: New State.

From the official YouTube channel dedicated to the franchise, the developers have released the first official trailer to invite interested players to pre-register. These are the words that accompany the video:

Official pre-order trailer for PUBG: NEW STATE, the latest title by KRAFTON, Inc. and PUBG Studio, the creators of the original battle royale, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Coming in 2021, players will be able to drop in and explore a new map that expands the lore, experience graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming, master the best and most dynamic gunplay on the market, and enjoy next-generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds.

Pre-register on Google Play now at

PUBG: New State will be set in 2051, following the events narrated in the original game, which in turn are set in fairly recent times. The new game map will be called Troi and will offer a huge amount of new futuristic weapons and vehicles, such as drones and deployable combat shields.

Judging from the first images it seems that this new PUBG will offer a rather realistic atmosphere, although set in the future, in perfect style of some chapter of the Call of Duty series. PUBG: New State should also offer a great level of customization, both in terms of weapons and uniforms to show off on the battlefield. The title will make use of the potential of the Unreal Engine.

Unlike PUBG: Mobile, the previous title with which the series debuted on mobile devices, PUBG: New State will be developed entirely by the same creators of the PC title. The official launch date has not yet been revealed, but the title should see the light by the end of 2021, and, before its debut, a technical alpha should be offered to a part of players to start the tests and verify the stability of servers.