PUBG To Bring BDRM And New Combat Techniques To The Game

PUBG is one of the biggest battle royale game and ever since the game was launched the developers behind it have been working night and day to make sure that the players get the most satisfaction out of the game. The game has certainly evolved from when it was first released and we have seen a ton of things being implemented to the game.

The oldest map of the game is called Erangel and because of that, this is the map which gets updated the soonest as soon as something is released by the developers and now players have found a secret basement in the game.

The basement looks like a rebel stronghold and is hidden under a door which you need to shoot in order to gain access, there isn’t much known what is this pointing towards maybe in the future or just another place to hide.

Along with the secret basement, the game is also working towards bringing an amphibious vehicle called BRDM to the game, this will be an armored vehicle so that will allow players to travel over land and water without worrying.

Another feature that a lot of players have been asking is the ability to grab on to ledges in the game. Players will now be able to grab ledges when jumping towards one and this will open up new vantage possibilities.

This will allow the combat to evolve and will offer players new avenues to take combat to the next level.

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