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PUBG New Updates Adds Cloud Save Feature For PC

Your Settings, Anywhere, Anytime

PUBG latest update 5.3 is now on Test server adding fresh new features along with an important feature allowing players to restore their settings on Cloud. What does this mean?

Well after running the latest PUBG 5.3 Update on PC all your graphic settings can be stored on cloud. This means when a player logins to another PC or Laptop to play PUBG using his/her account Graphic Settings will be synced allowing player to have maximum control over the gameplay. Settings to enable Cloud save is in the Settings section of PUBG PC under Graphics.


Language Settings and Inventory Character Render settings cannot be saved on cloud. There are more new features added by PUBG Update 5.3 among which the primary one is Blood Effect Improvement and removal of Locked Crates. Player can now choose their favorite weapons from Mystery Tab and Weapon HUD has been improved.

Two new BattleStat Weapon skins are added for QBU and P1911 followed by two paid skins for SKS and P92. There are three factory worker skins and 4 Punk Destruction skins. To know more in details visit the following link for PUBG 5.3 full patch notes.