Tencent Pulls PUBG out of Chinese Market and Replaces With Another Game

Tencent has pulled PUBG a popular Battleroyale game from its users in China after failing to get regulatory approval to generate revenue. Tencent has rather replaced PUBG with another game “Game for Peace” which has a more patriotic theme behind it. Tencent kept the development of Game for Peace under wraps until recently.

After failing to get approval to generate revenue, Chinese gaming giants have taken the game down from China which had a lot of users from a particular country. The game made more than $65 million worldwide in March excluding China and the player date from PUBG will be shifted off to Game for Peace which Tencent is hoping to be just as popular as PUBG.

There has been an outcry on Weibo, the microblogging site for China. A post titled “PUBG is gone” received the most attention in recent times with more than 300 million clicks and over 90,000 posts.

The replacement Game For Peace does look and feel exactly like PUBG and uses the same mechanics, some users found their data brought over from PUBG into this game.

PUBG will certainly lose a lot of its player base after the game has been taken off.

PUBG is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS.

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