PUBG Announced for Xbox Series X & PS5 With Cross-Play Support, Available At Launch

As announced, the Battle Royal Shooter PUBG will be available just in time for the launch of the new consoles for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S. At the same time, technical details about the next-gen port were given in the corresponding announcement.

As part of a recent announcement, the developers at PUBG Corp. talked about the future of the successful battle royal shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG. As the studio announced, PUBG will be available for the new systems in time for the launch of the two next-generation consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

This means that future owners of an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will be able to enjoy the next-generation version on November 10, 2020. The PlayStation 5 players will have to wait until November 12, 2020.

The announcement for the new generation of consoles is rounded off by various technical details. On the one hand, it is said that the title will run on both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X at smooth 60fps. On the Xbox Series S, users will have to come to terms with a display in 30FPS. In addition, support for the crossplay feature has been confirmed.

Thus, console players on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S can romp around on the battlefields and compete against players on other consoles. Thanks to the support of the cross-progression, you should also be able to move your save game progress, including the cosmetic extras, to the new generation of consoles.

The PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X will get the 60FPS resolution with the upcoming update.