How To Enter Hollis Mind In Psychonauts 2?

Have you been wondering how you can enter Hollis mind in Psychonauts 2? Check out this article to learn how you can do so.

When playing Psychonauts 2, you will need to enter Hollis mind as Raz in one of the missions. Hollis is the second head at the Psychonauts. She only takes over class whenever Truman Zanotto is unable to be present. In this article, we will show you how to enter her mind.

How To Enter Hollis Mind In Psychonauts 2?

psychonauts 2 hollis mind

To enter Hollis mind, you will first have to enter the classroom. Once you do so, you will find her standing in the center, talking to the rest of the students. Entering the class will help you unlock the ‘Go to Class’ achievement in the game.

Upon entering class, you will realize that you are late. Hollis-being the no-nonsense, strict character that she is- will express her disappointment and annoyance at your lack of punctuality and seriousness.

As you begin to communicate with her, you will be shown a few cutscenes. During these cutscenes, you will be given choices of dialogues. In one of the first conversations, when you choose “If I may speak freely, I think I could contribute to the casino mission”, you will find that Hollis is not interested in listening to you. This is because she purely prioritizes her class sessions. She will rebuke you for interrupting.

After this, click on “Can I ask why we can’t join the Lady Luctopus mission?” will also result in further annoyance by Hollis. When further questioning the casino mission, Hollis will tell you that it is being handled by experienced Psychonauts.

After completing the dialogues with Hollis, Raz will inquire about the beginning of the class with Hollis. She will tell you that class begins when you walk in. She will then show you her classroom, which is actually located in her mind. Hollis will do so by placing a portal on her forehead.

This is how you can enter Hollis mind in Psychonauts 2. As you can see, this is quite easy to do. All you have to do is get into class, after which the cutscenes will begin, leading to Raz going into Hollis mind.

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