Psychonauts 2 Beginners Guide: How To Wall Jump, Glide, Save Game & More

Here’s everything you need to know about all the basics in our Psychonauts 2 Beginners Guide.

Psychonauts 2, being one of the best platformers, in the block brings lots of improvements over the previous games in the series. It’s natural many of the new features might be a bit confusing at the start. No matter if you are a new player or a returning one to the series, we got everything to get you started right away. So here are all the basics including how to Wall Run, Glide, Ground Pound, and more controls in our Psychonauts 2 Beginners Guide.

Psychonauts 2 Control Bindings

These are Psychonauts 2 controls across all the platforms:

Actions PlayStation Buttons Xbox Buttons PC Buttons
Attack Square button X button LMB
Interact Triangle button Y button F key
Jump Cross button A button Space
Lock On R3 button Press Right Stick Z key
Look Right Stick Right Stick Mouse
Manual Touch Pad View button M key
Move Left stick Left stick W, A, S, D
Otto-Shot Camera D-Pad Right button D-Pad Right button Hold V
Pause Options button Menu button Escape key
PSI Pop D-Pad Down button D-Pad Down button Hold C
PSI Power 1 R2 button Right trigger RMD
PSI Power 2 R1 button Right bumper E key
PSI Power 3 L2 button Left trigger Q key
PSI Power 4 L1 button Left bumper R key
Radial Power Menu D-Pad Up button D-Pad Up button Tab key
Thought Tuner D-Pad Left button D-Pad Left button Hold T
Toggle UI L3 button Press Left stick ~ key
Tumble/Cancel Circle button B button Shift key

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Psychonauts 2 Beginners Guide with Basics

Here’s everything you need to get started with Psychonauts 2:

How to Use Raz’s Journal or Intern Field Manual

In Psychonauts 2, Raz’s Journal, also known as the Intern Field Manual, you may find a list of all objectives, a map of all areas Raz can visit, a record of any collectible, and even customize & upgrade PSI Powers. All these various activities are divided into pages. Here is the list of pages you can access in Raz’s Journal or the Intern Field Manual:

Intern profile

Shows Raz’s intern info and unlocks new Psychic Powers.

PSI Powers

Upgrades Raz’s PSI Power as his intern rank increases.


Check and equip all of your available Pins once purchased from the Otto-Mattic.

Area Survey

Maintains a Map of all of the possible destinations Raz can visit in both the physical and mental realms.

Mission Log

Keeps track of Raz’s active objectives and provides a thorough breakdown. From here, you can also alter your active quests.

What is Otto-matic and How to Use It?

The Otto-Matic is a multipurpose machine found in Motherlobe, where Raz can buy supplies, improve abilities, create PSI Challenge Markers, get skill points by Ranking, upgrade PSI Powers and get more inventory space in Psychonauts 2.

How to Lock on to Enemies

To lock on to enemies in Psychonauts 2, you need to use the R3 button, Press Right Stick, or Z key on PS, Xbox, and PC respectively, while looking at an enemy. You can press the same button game to unlock from the current enemy too.

How to Save

Psychonauts 2 saves periodically as you progress through the story. Apart from this, you have no option to save your game manually. Also, there are no in-game locations or save slots or to save your progress from the pause menu.

How to Wall Jump

In Psychonauts 2, wall jumping involves jumping back-to-back in an environment with two tightly positioned walls close to each other. To do this first approach such an area and then perform a normal jump to one side. Raz will attach to its surface automatically. When Raz’s feet make contact with the wall, a silhouette forms under his feet. It means you may now start jumping between the walls before sliding down automatically. To leap from the wall and onto the adjacent wall surface, hit the jump button once more.

How to Heal

Use Positive Mental Health, Half-a-Minds, and PSI Pops to heal your Mental energy or Mental health in Psychonauts 2. Positive Mental Health is represented by green-colored containers. You must assault these in order to release green-colored health symbols. You will heal a portion of your Mental health bar if you pick them up. These objects can be found in both mental and physical realms.

How to Get More Health Bar or Health Points

Half-A-Mind is an item that may be collected when in the mental realm. If you can find the second half of these Half-A-Mind objects and complete them, you’ll get one additional pink brain. A PSI Pop, which can also replenish and cure your health in Psychonauts 2, is another collectible you may locate in the mental world. PSI Pop is also accessible in Otto-Matic, which is quite beneficial if you are unable to achieve Positive Mental Health in a timely manner during a level. If you eat two Half-A-Mind collectibles, you will receive extra health bars (Mental health brains).

How to Glide in Psychonauts 2

To glide in Psychonauts 2, you need to assign Levitate ability to any one of the PSI Power buttons, by pressing D-pad Up button. This will allow you to glide anytime you press the button you assigned to, while in mid-air.

How to Ground Pound

To ground pound in Psychonauts 2, press the Attack button while in mid-air, that is Square button, X button, and LMB on PS, Xbox, and PC respectively. So press the respective Attack button, while in the air to smash and deal lots of damage to enemies right below you.

That’s everything you need to know about all the basics in our Psychonauts 2 Beginners Guide. If you are interested in knowing more about such secrets in Psychonauts 2, then make sure to check out our Psychonauts 2 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.