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PSVR 2 Patent for PS5 Possibly Revealed

Even if Sony Interactive Entertainment pointed out a few months ago that PlayStation VR will play an important role on the PlayStation 5, the official announcement of the PSVR 2 is still a long time coming.


A new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which reached the public at the end of the week, provides fresh speculation about PSVR 2. The said patent describes a tracking controller that could be used with PlayStation VR 2. The whole thing is described as an ergonomically improved controller that can be held with both hands.

It also states that the controller has been given a circular design, in which the users press the various buttons on the controller with their index finger and thumb. In addition, the controller has new sensors and an accelerometer with which movement gestures can be carried out and implemented in the games.

Additionally, the patent describes that in order for the controller to function properly, it must be used with a VR headset that has a front-facing camera. This is not the case with the current model of PlayStation VR, which once again underpins the rumors that the virtual reality headset will be completely redesigned for its launch on the PlayStation 5.

The reason for this is that the controller emits lights from its sides which are tracked and picked up by the camera of the new PlayStation VR headset to increase accuracy. As before, we would like to conclude by pointing out that a published patent does not automatically mean that the technologies described are ready for the series production.