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PS5 Won’t Feature Smart Delivery Function of Xbox, Sony Confirms

According to a representative of the Japanese division of the PlayStation, it seems that Sony would not have a unified game update program for the PlayStation 4 under the PS5 like Smart Delivery, which Microsoft offers.

We all know that Microsoft has worked hard to get as many developers and publishers as possible to hook their Smart Delivery software to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Simply put, one way to make you only have to buy games once and get the best possible version regardless which Xbox console you play it on.

Many have wondered if Sony will offer a similar solution, but when the website Gamespark contacted them for information, the response was negative. It turns out that Sony will not run any unified program, but it is up to each publisher to choose how they want to do with any upgrades from Playstation 4 to PS5  (and vice versa).

Reasonably, it will lead to several different regulations where each publisher makes their own way. However, it is worth pointing out that Microsoft’s Smart Delivery is no coercion, so even if there will be more than one system, something that has already been confirmed by EA, it has been chosen to schedule upgrades to Madden NFL 21 (and not at all allow them for physical play).

At the same time, it can be assumed that in most games it will still be possible to play on both generations without extra costs, even if we are talking about the console from Sony.

PS5 will release in the holiday season 2020.