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PS5 Update 21.01-03.10.00 Available for Download Now

Sony has released the PS5 update 21.01-03.10.00. However, the changelog does not go into detail. It simply says that it will improve the system’s performance.

PS5 System Software Update 21.01-03.10.00 Download


Sony Interactive Entertainment today released the PS5 system software update 21.01-03.10.00. Depending on the settings, the download is automatic. Alternatively, you can trigger it manually by going into the settings.

It is not explicitly described which changes Sony is making with the PS5 update 21.01-03.10.00. In the changelog it only says:

  • This system software update improves system performance.


The new system update follows the release of the PS5 system update 21.01-03.00.00, which improved the HDR capabilities of the console and brought a number of important additions.

Last but not least, the PS5 supports 120Hz screens in 1080p mode after the console was previously unable to recognize monitors with a higher refresh rate. However, many gamers are still waiting for news about the variable frame rate (VRR).

Sony launched the PS5 worldwide in November 2020 and announced a little later that 4.5 million units had been sold by the end of the year. It is still very difficult to get hold of the hardware. The delivery situation is problematic even six months after the market launch and there are legitimate concerns that the market situation will not improve significantly this year.